The Game This game, designed by Enrico Acerbi, covers the masterpiece battle fought and won by Napoleon against the hopes of the III Coalition. At the sunset of December 2nd, 1805, the map of Europe was redrawn for many years to come, and the art of war had a new Master. The game system Vive la France - Empire rules is the ideal prosecution of two already published games, Massena at Loano and Wise Bayonets. Click on thumbnails to enlarge images Components One game-map 85x60 cm; 216 5/8¨ counters and 280 1/2¨ counters; Five Player Aid Cards; One Rules and Scenarios Manual; Two six side die (d6) Scale The scale for Empire rules is roughly 1:30.000; Each hex covers approximately 450- 500 meters; Each turn represents 1 hour of real time. Designer Enrico Acerbi Complexity Downloads Solitarie Suitability December 2nd, 1805 Battle of Austerlitz
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Order Living Rules (PDF, 2 MB) Regolamento (PDF, 1 MB) Cyberboard gamebox (ZIP, 18 MB, courtesy of Pierre Bulle) Modulo Vassal (ZIP, 7 MB, courtesy of Pierre Bulle) Living French Setup Tables (PDF, 1 MB) Living Allied Setup Tables  (PDF, 1 MB)