The Game This boxed game will let you refight the more decisive battles of the notorious and respected Condottiero of the first half of XVth century: Braccio da Montone. The game system is the same as that of Guelphs and Ghibellines and Sa Battalla, integrated with ad hoc rules needed to reflect the different tactics invented and used by Braccio (the so-called Scuola Braccesca). The game simulates the two major battles fought by the condottiero: Sant'Egidio (July 12, 1416), whereby he became Lord of Perugia and l'Aquila (June 2, 1424), in which he was defeated and mortally wounded. Click on thumbnails to enlarge images Components Scale Designer Complexity Downloads Solitarie Suitability Piergennaro Federico Marco Gnagnetti Two maps 84x60 cm; 176 5/8” and 140 1/2” die-cut counters; Three Player Aid Carts; A rule booklet with scenarios and an historical background. 1 hex: 100 meters (about 110 yards) 1 strengh point:      100-200 men for the cavalry,      250-500 men for infantry,      750-1,000 men for the militia Italy, first half XV Century To order - 49 euro
Rules (PDF, 1 MB) Shipping cost included Historical context (PDF, 1 MB) Correct set up table (PDF, 12,5 MB) Erratum and clarification (PDF, 1 MB) Cyberboard gamebox (ZIP, 21MB, courtesy of Pierre Bulle) Modulo Vassal (ZIP, 6MB, courtesy of Pierre Bulle) Video review (Link, courtesy of Marco Arnaudo)