The Game The Disfida di Barletta was a tournament fought near Barletta, Southern Italy, on 13 February 1503, The tournament was provoked by a French knight Charles de la Motte who, after drinking too much accused Italians of cowardice. It consisted in a mounted tourney between 13 Italians (the most famous being Ettore Fieramosca) and 13 French knights. The tournament took place in an area enclosed by the judges of both parties. The Italian knights won the battle, and the French had to pay ransom. Click on thumbnails to enlarge images Components Scale Designer Complexity Downloads Solitarie Suitability Marco Rossi One maps 59x41 cm; 40 5/8” die-cut counters; A rule booklet with an historical background. 1 hex: few meters; 1 counter = 1 knight Barletta, 1503 This game was sent for free to those who pre-ordered Braccio da Montone. In the countersheet of Braccio da Montone you can find the counters for the game. We have a limited number of copies of the map and Regulation (8 euros): Historical context (Link) Rules (PDF, 1 MB) Map (PDF, 2 MB)