The Game This boxed games refers to the most important events that happened in the first 150 years of the Roman Empire. The System rules are inspired by Optimus Princeps and Spartacus Imperator. Traianus Imperator mixed the previous games and add new ideas (huge battle, Terra incognita…) and new scenarios. There are 3 kinds of battles: skirmish, battle, huge battle and rules for  Siege Battle, Bounty, frozen river, pontoon bridge, Barbarians troops hidden,  Eagles of the legions to save, Vexillation etc. Click on thumbnails to enlarge images Components Four maps (printed on two sided sheets); 432 5/8” die cut counters; Four Player Aid Cards; 40 playing cards; Rule booklet with scenarios and an historical commentary Scale 1 turn = 1 season; 1 counter:      1.000-2.000 men for infantry;      500-1.000 for the cavalry 1 legion:      3 counters Designer Patrick Receveur & Amaury de Vandiere Complexity Downloads Solitarie Suitability Roman Empire, I - II century AD. Traianus Imperator (working title). A game by Patrick Receveur Coming soon To be published in: 2015 Note: All samples are  prepublication versions, may change in the final Acies game art Scenarii: BASIC RULES ADVANCED RULES